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Find lasonic ghetto blaster boom boxes plus other ghetto blasters for sale like a 80's boom box. See old school boomboxes once called a portable radio. Buy a old school boombox like boom box radios from these vintage boomboxes for sale.

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The boombox hit the streets in the late 70's. They were marketed as a ghetto blaster or jam box in the early eighties.  The Boom Box a symbol of early hip hop music scene. Certain ghetto Blasters like The JVC M-90 and the Sharp GF-777 were known as the boombox kings. They had the power to drowned out any other ghetto blasters and were used in music battles. You can use RCA jacks to combine two boxes for even more power.

Boomboxghettoblasters.com are bringing back the beat with vintage boom boxes sales, repairs and parts. We buy broken boomboxes, send us a email with pictures of what you have and whats broken on it. Use our classic ghetto blaster website for research and go find a vintage ghetto blaster at a swapmeet, garage sale, pawn shop or thift shop. Working or not, help us save the best ghetto blasters of the 80's. They come in all sizes and shapes, although the ones most attractive are the ones from the late 1970's and early 1980s, usually with lots of speakers, lots of chrome, and of course a tape deck or two. A line in is an added bonus, so you can play them from your ipod or home sound system.

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Top 10 80's Ghetto Blasters
#1 JVC RC-M90
#2 Sharp GF-1000, GF-999, GF-777Z, GF-767 (made in Japan)
#3 SANYO MR-X20 "BIG BEN aka MR-X960K M-X960
#4 Panasonic RX-7700, Panasonic RX-7200
#5 JVC RC-M70
#6 Panasonic National RX-7000, RX-7100, RX-7200, RX-7700, RX-7714
#7 Conion C-100f Clairtone 7980 (Made in Japan)
#8 Lasonic TRC-931
#9 Crown CSC-970, CSC-980
#10 Sharp GF9595, GF9696, GF9797(40 watts)

Based on Sound, Quality, Popularity, Power

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